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We Offer A 30-Day Money-Back, Satisfaction Guarantee!

YES, THAT’S RIGHT. We offer A Money-Back, Satisfaction Guarantee During Your Initial 30 Days Of Doing Business With Us. Subject To Terms & Conditions*

During our 25+ Years as a professional Online Marketing Agency, we have worked with over 2 Million Websites. We are so certain you will be pleased with your results that we offer a Money-Back Guarantee where if within your first 30-days of doing business with us, you are not satisfied for Any Reason, merely give us your written instructions to cancel your account. Once received, your account will be closed and a full refund will be processed (*minus any funds you had us use to pay for any optional Pay-Per-Click costs associated with any program e.g. Google Ads, etc. or, any amounts you instructed us to apply to pay for any optional Display Ad Impressions provided by SiteSolutions or 3rd parties e.g. Advertising Agencies, etc.)

Do You Offer A Page One Guarantee?


99.9% of other companies do not guarantee your page one results but WE SURE DO. At, over the years, we have developed and use various Google approved methods and processes that provide ways whereby working with Google’s algorithm, we have enormous success in obtaining page one results for Keywords, Videos, Product Listings and more. Our page one success rate is 99% for one or more of the following: organic Keywords, Reputation Marketing, Videos, Product Listings, etc. Most of our customers have up to 50, 100, 200, and more page one organic results that match their website’s content, products, services etc., and where they offer it. Read our testimonials to see our history of success. If we don’t obtain page one results, then *we’ll waive that month’s management fee for our CORE program. (Note; Any and all costs associated with any Pay-Per-Click program or Display Banner Ad Impressions are NOT included in the Satisfaction Guarantee and are 100% Non-Refundable under any circumstances. Optional programs not included in the guarantee)

We are the only SEO company in the world that can show thousands and thousands of page one results for our clients. See our page one proof (link to for examples of how we have helped other businesses like yours.

Who Programs My Website's SEO
This depends on the desire of each website owner. For most, we research, write, and “Install” meta tags and adjust page content during the initial setup. For others, they prefer to do the actual programming themselves in which case, we do the research, write the meta tags and provide recommended text changes, forward that to them and their own webmasters do the installing.

Additional programming may be performed by you, your programmer, or optionally by us.

How long has SiteSolutions.Com been in business?

SiteSolutions.Com, founded in 1995, is one of the original Internet Marketing Companies providing a variety of proven Internet Marketing Products and Services including SEO.

Staffed by professionals and represented worldwide in 196 countries & territories, SiteSolutions.Com remains the premiere leader in Internet Marketing Services.

Millions of website owners and webmasters have utilized SiteSolutions.Com’s services and continue to look to them for service and advice.

For years, SiteSolutions.Com has been in the business of helping our clients achieve top rankings for their websites. It is our goal to help them achieve top rankings using proven technology all at very reasonable prices. Our specialty is obtaining top placement organically and helping them establish themselves as Trusted Vendors through Reputation Marketing, Custom Video Production, Retargeting & Remarketing, and much much more. We are a Full Service Provider.

What other services do you offer?

SiteSolutions.Com currently offers:

  • Organic Page One SEO Services (Organic Solutions)
  • Reputation Marketing Services (Reputation Solutions)
  • Visitor Retargeting – Remarketing – Site Tracking (Traffic Solutions)
  • Video Production 5-Star Review Commercials (Video Solutions)
  • Custom Interview Videos
  • Social Media Optimization services (Social Solutions)
  • Website Development (Web Solutions)
  • Plus much more.
Where can I see examples of your work?
SiteSolutions.Com is proud to display our client’s successes. We have the largest displayed list on page one placement keywords for our clients over any other SEO company worldwide. You can view a portion of this list on our Proof Page. (link to
Do you require a contract?

YES – But they are MONTH-TO-MONTHNo Annual Contracts To Worry About. Get started with us and if you change your mind, just give us a 30-day notice, keep your account current during those 30 days and it just stops… No Cancellation FeesNo Early Termination Penalties. To ask questions or to get started today, contact one of our Internet Marketing Advisors today. 877-855-2003

How Long Does It To Get My Company On Page One Of Google?

Most of the time, we obtain Google Page One Results within 30 days from the completion date of the SEO research and programming within your website.  Please note that we often achieve page one results for your company within 30 days from the date your order is processed for our services. Each website’s time to get to page one in Google will vary depending upon several factors which can include the topics within your website, the location for which you wish to be found, how competitive the market is for your topics, the number of reviews you have, how fast we can produce and syndicate your 5-Star Review Videos, how fast you respond with needed information etc.

Once our work is done, then it’s up to Google to update their records and show the results. For items involving Reputation Marketing, we often see Google Page One results in a week or so. For keywords, you should expect to see results in 2 to 6 months on average with some being faster and others taking more time. It’s up to Google as to the time frames involved. Please keep in mind that every day our staff and services target their efforts to accomplish page one results as quickly as possible as it’s to both our advantage to have this accomplished as fast as possible. 

So know that we are as highly motivated as you are to achieve page one placement… and to keep you there.

Term: Is This Month-To-Month Or Annual?

This is a Month-To-Month program. You can quit at any time. Just give us a written 30-day notice that you want to quit, keep your account current during those 30 days and we will turn it off as requested. However, for those that do leave, within a few months, they often see their results plummet causing them to return and request reactivation of their account. 

Cost: How Much Does This Cost?
Call for a quote: We offer a myriad of services. Our most popular program by far is our CORE program which offers an All-Inclusive powerful combination of Organic Keyword Placement / Reputation Marketing / Video Production / Advanced Analytics. For this, there is a One-Time setup fee plus a monthly subscription fee. This is a Month-To-Month program.
What Happens If Later I Decide To Quit?

Since this is a Month-To-Month program, You can quit at any time. However, it should be noted that a major factor of why our client’s websites appear on Google’s Organic Search Results Page is from our ongoing efforts relating to their websites. In addition to our ongoing monthly creation, submissions and daily monitoring of your site at thousands of quality backlink locations, we also perform additional proprietary services.

Of great importance is that over 90% of our backlink locations have very short life spans so we must constantly refresh them. If you decide to terminate our service, those backlinks will go away which may have a negative effect on your overall score and positioning.


SiteSolutions.Com; Who Are You, Where Are You, How Big Are You? How Long In SEO?

SiteSolutions.Com, is proudly a U.S Based, U.S. Owned, privately held company and part of Online Fulfillment Corporation. The owners have been pioneers in Internet Marketing Services since 1995. (To put that into perspective: This is Just 3 months after Yahoo was formed and a few years before Google was formed).

We are one of the largest Internet Marketing Consultancy & SEO  firms in the world. Our services have been used on over TWO MILLION WEBSITES and have more Google’s Organic Search Results listing proof displayed than any other SEO company in the world.

We provide U.S. based free telephone technical support M-F 8-4 Pacific Standard Time.

USA (877) 855-2003 or Direct (916) 740-1198.

For our International Customers, please use the following: 

Canada 877.855.2003 * UK 020.7993.2729 * France * Ireland 1.657.1674* Italy 06.8938.5825 * Japan 3.4578.9185 * Mexico 55-5351-5223 * Spain 91-829-2672 * Australia-Sydney 02 4036 3073

Tab-Image-2Sitesolutions.Com was established just 3 months after Yahoo & is one of the first & longest lasting SEO companies online today
Tab-Image-3b-2SiteSolutions.Com has a 20 year history in the web & SEO business with a proven track Record of  Results in Google.Com
Tab-Image-3aSiteSolutions.Com is one of the only “reach by phone” SEO companies today. We do not hide behind an e-mail address. We are here for you & a reliable contact for your needs
Tab-Image-4aNo one shows more proof of placement successes in than SiteSolutions.Com. PERIOD.
betterlogoTab-Image-5aOur Customer Care team is one of the highest rated in the nation. With an A+ rating with the BBB, US based, available by phone or e-mail & open M-F 8-5pm PST

IMAGINE. Being Found On Page One - Simply, Easily

Start your journey to opportunity today! Contact one of our SEO Advisors at Service@SiteSolutions-Mail.Com
or call (877) 855-2003 or (916) 740-1198 M-F 8 am – 4:30 pm Pacific Standard Time

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