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Company Name: Biomedtrix
Area Of Desired Coverage: Worldwide
Website Address:
Years With SiteSolutions: Since 2000

1 dog hip replacement71 dog orthopedics micro hip replacement
2 dog elbow replacement72 cat prosthetic micro elbow replacement
3 canine hip replacement73 dog prosthetic micro elbow replacement
4 animal hip replacement74 cat orthopedics micro knee replacement
5 canine elbow replacement75 cat orthopedics micro elbow replacement
6 cat total hip replacement76 dog orthopedics total elbow replacement
7 cat micro hip replacement77 dog orthopedics micro knee replacement
8 dog total hip replacement78 dog orthopedics micro elbow replacement
9 dog micro hip replacement79 canine prosthetic micro hip replacement
10 cat micro knee replacement80 animal prosthetic micro hip replacement
11 cat micro elbow replacement81 cat prosthetic universal hip replacement
12 dog total knee replacement82 dog prosthetic universal hip replacement
13 dog total elbow replacement83 canine orthopedics total hip replacement
14 dog micro knee replacement84 canine orthopedics micro hip replacement
15 dog micro elbow replacement85 feline orthopedics micro hip replacement
16 canine total hip replacement86 animal orthopedics total hip replacement
17 canine micro hip replacement87 animal orthopedics micro hip replacement
18 feline total hip replacement88 cat orthopedics universal hip replacement
19 feline micro hip replacement89 dog orthopedics universal hip replacement
20 animal total hip replacement90 canine prosthetic micro elbow replacement
21 animal micro hip replacement91 feline prosthetic micro elbow replacement
22 cat universal hip replacement92 animal prosthetic micro knee replacement
23 dog universal hip replacement93 animal prosthetic micro elbow replacement
24 cat veterinary hip replacement94 cat orthopedics veterinary hip replacement
25 dog veterinary hip replacement95 dog prosthetic universal elbow replacement
26 canine total knee replacement96 dog orthopedics veterinary hip replacement
27 canine total elbow replacement97 canine orthopedics total knee replacement
28 canine micro knee replacement98 canine orthopedics total elbow replacement
29 canine micro elbow replacement99 canine orthopedics micro knee replacement
30 feline micro knee replacement100 canine orthopedics micro elbow replacement
31 feline micro elbow replacement101 feline orthopedics micro knee replacement
32 animal total knee replacement102 feline orthopedics micro elbow replacement
33 animal micro knee replacement103 animal orthopedics total knee replacement
34 animal micro elbow replacement104 animal orthopedics total elbow replacement
35 cat universal knee replacement105 animal orthopedics micro elbow replacement
36 cat universal elbow replacement106 animal orthopedics micro knee replacement
37 cat orthopedics hip replacement107 cat orthopedics universal knee replacement
38 dog universal knee replacement108 cat orthopedics universal elbow replacement
39 dog universal elbow replacement109 dog orthopedics universal knee replacement
40 dog orthopedics hip replacement110 dog orthopedics universal elbow replacement
41 cat veterinary elbow replacement111 canine prosthetic universal hip replacement
42 dog veterinary elbow replacement112 animal prosthetic universal hip replacement
43 canine universal hip replacement113 cat orthopedics micro bone plate replacement
44 feline universal hip replacement114 cat orthopedics veterinary knee replacement
45 animal universal hip replacement115 cat orthopedics veterinary elbow replacement
46 dog orthopedics knee replacement116 dog orthopedics veterinary knee replacement
47 dog orthopedics elbow replacement117 dog orthopedics veterinary elbow replacement
48 canine veterinary hip replacement118 canine orthopedics universal hip replacement
49 animal veterinary hip replacement119 feline orthopedics universal hip replacement
50 canine universal knee replacement120 animal orthopedics universal hip replacement
51 canine universal elbow replacement121 canine prosthetic universal elbow replacement
52 canine orthopedics hip replacement122 canine orthopedics veterinary hip replacement
53 feline universal knee replacement123 feline orthopedics veterinary hip replacement
54 feline universal elbow replacement124 animal prosthetic universal elbow replacement
55 animal universal knee replacement125 animal orthopedics veterinary hip replacement
56 animal universal elbow replacement126 canine orthopedics universal knee replacement
57 animal orthopedics hip replacement127 canine orthopedics universal elbow replacement
58 canine veterinary elbow replacement128 feline orthopedics universal knee replacement
59 canine prosthetic knee replacement129 feline orthopedics universal elbow replacement
60 animal veterinary elbow replacement130 animal orthopedics universal knee replacement
61 cat universal bone plate replacement131 animal orthopedics universal elbow replacement
62 cat prosthetic micro hip replacement132 canine orthopedics total bone screw replacement
63 dog universal bone plate replacement133 canine orthopedics micro bone plate replacement
64 dog prosthetic micro hip replacement134 canine orthopedics micro bone screw replacement
65 canine orthopedics knee replacement135 canine orthopedics veterinary elbow replacement
66 canine orthopedics elbow replacement136 animal orthopedics veterinary knee replacement
67 animal orthopedics knee replacement137 cat orthopedics veterinary bone plate replacement
68 cat orthopedics total hip replacement138 canine orthopedics universal bone screw replacement
69 cat orthopedics micro hip replacement139 animal orthopedics universal bone screw replacement
70 dog orthopedics total hip replacement

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