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JJ&K Custom Remodeling And Paint
“Here it is in a nutshell, I had just been ripped off by a few SEO companies and was very gun shy of any SEO company, especially one that said they guaranteed organic page one positioning in Google. After talking with the guys at SiteSolutions it all sounded legit so I took a chance and tried them. It turns out, it was one of the best marketing decisions I have ever made.”

“Within 30 days my website was all over page one in Google’s Organic listings* and for keywords that match my custom remodeling business and the areas where I want to be seen. My business has jumped up as a result. I couldn’t be happier. I have referred a lot of business to them. Give them a call, you’ll see that what they tell you is true and the results are fantastic. PS: One of the old SEO companies that had lied to me called me about a month ago trying to get my business back. I told him, ‘Look, you had 6 months of trying to get me on page one and you didn’t do anything except take me for $5,000. I went to SiteSolutions and within 30 days they had me all over Google’s page one and for a whole lot less money. So there is no way I would ever come back to you, ever.’

So do yourself a favor, call these guys, let them do the work for you, and like me, you will be a SiteSolutions customer for life. Thanks Guys, you definitely lived up to your word.”


John Powell- President
JJ&K Custom Remodeling And Paint

Dun Right Drywall - Drywall Installation & Repair
Thank you for keeping us on top. We can’t thank you enough! It is my very good pleasure to refer people to SiteSolutions. After the fantastic service I have received for almost 5 years now I can think of no one else for my friends and business associates. If word of mouth is the best advertiser, and it is, then word of mouth referral has traveled from California to where I am in Orlando Florida and going further.”

Thanks Site Solutions staff! “Take care, and God Bless.”


Mark DeFilippo – Owner
Dun Rite Drywall Inc.

Stables Garden Center - Trees, Plants, Garden Supplies
“Hello SiteSolutions,

I am extremely happy with your company, as It has made a huge difference in my website visibility. I will recommend you without hesitation. The pricing that you have given me is excellent and the results speak for themselves. Also, your customer support team has been excellent to work with. I recommend you to others often.”

Thank You,


Dan @ Stables Garden Center’s
Dan Capurso – President
Stables Garden Center

Butler For Hire - Catering & Personal Chef
“Just a big THANK YOU!, I had just signed up within the last two weeks and I’m on page one with google, I am so thrilled!!! This is Joseph with Butler For Hire Catering and Michael Higgins had helped me!!! thank you to you all! and have a great day!!!!!”


Joseph Sciascia – Owner
Butler For Hire

TechPlate, Inc - Precision Plating
“I have been using the services of Site Solutions since approximately 1997”.

The best way for me to describe the success I’ve experienced as a result of the Site Solution service is to quantify the result in terms of advertising costs. The following advertising mediums have been eliminated:

  1. Yellow Pages $1200/month
  2. Four trade magazines classified ads: $800/month (combined)
  3. Industry periodicals $50/month
  4. Dedicated 1-800-numbers for each ad $5ea x $35/month
  5. In the blind mailings $50/month
  6. Total: Over $2100.00/month; that’s over $25,000/year since 1999 (when the last of the ads were canceled), over $250,000.00.

Need I say more?
Regards, M.”
Marshall DeLaPuente

Z-Law Software Inc. - Real Estate Software

zlawlogoNote: Z-Law Software Inc., has been with us for over 13 years. This is Gary Sherman’s, the President of Z-Law, response to our email asking him if he would like to renew our service for another year.

“Great to hear from you. We definitely want to continue with Site Solutions! We wouldn’t have stayed with you this long if we weren’t delighted!”

Gary Sherman – President
Z-Law Software Inc.

Datatrac® Corporation - Dispatch, Courier, and Trucking Software
Working with SiteSolutions yielded positive results in just a few weeks. Datatrac has already advanced to the first page of Google search results, thereby achieving the first milestone in our SEO efforts. “I’m looking forward to continuing our progress and improving our positioning.”

John Tucker – Vice President, Marketing

Datatrac® Corporation

Wintergreen Research Inc - The Premiere Worldwide Independent Research Firm:
Susan Eustis, President of Wintergreen Research Inc. states: “SiteSolutions.Com has been providing search engine optimization for WinterGreen Research for 12 years, since 1998. This has been a very successful relationship. Back in 2004 our company, unwisely it turns out, decided to stop using their SEO services and instead assigned this task to one of our employees. Leaving SiteSolutions.Com was a big mistake as the enclosed graph shows. We had a huge dropoff in visitor traffic. When we realized what we had done, we immediately rehired SiteSolutions.Com. The results speak for themselves. We’re now client’s for life and continue to refer new client’s to them often.”

Wintergreen Research Inc utilizes SiteSolutions.Com 1) Monthly Search Engine/Monitoring Service & 2) SEO Services.

Susan Eustis – President
Research Specialists

wintergreen chart
This chart shows the dropoff of visitors to their web site when they discontinued our service. Thankfully, they came back to us and you can see the immediate positive results. We can do the same for you.

WinterGreen research, founded in 1985, provides strategic market assessments in telecommunications, communications equipment, health care, Internet, energy, and advanced computer technology. The company is known for providing accurate market assessment of segment shares and forecasts. It has many firsts, writing the first Internet market research study in 1995.

I own a retail website Always-Charming.Com that specializes in Fashion Jewelry...
“Wow!…. It was my lucky day when I met Mike and his father Stephen Lochmiller at SiteSolutions.Com. I own a retail website Always-Charming.Com that specializes in Fashion Jewelry, Personalized Gifts, Italian Charms, Bead Jewelry, Key Ring and Phone Charms. Over the years I have paid thousands and thousands of dollars to various web specialists to help me optimize my site, help me move up in the organic listings, and for pay-for-click programs with little or no results. Since working with the SiteSolutions.Com team I have seen immediate results. They have delivered everything they promised and more. I can not say enough good things about their great customer service … they actually take my calls! I also get a quick response back even when they are busy or not available. They treat me like family and I feel like they take a personal interest in my website and its success. I Love You SiteSolutions.Com…Thank you!”

Always Charming utilizes SiteSolutions.Com 1) Monthly Search Engine/Monitoring Service & 2) SEO Services.
Joey Zucchelli – Always Charming
Specializes in Fashion Jewelry and Charms

Telesis Animal Health Equiderma Products For Treatment of Horse Fungus, Horse, Dog, & Cat Skin Conditions
“I was fortunate to have found SiteSolutions.Com back in 1999 when I started my fledgling on-line business. Since that time they have become an integral part of my team. Their expert guidance has been invaluable to the growth of my business. With SiteSolutions.Com and Stephen Lochmiller at the helm I have successfully avoided the many pitfalls made in this business. Their customer care is beyond anything I have ever experienced. I trust them explicitly in all of my web business decisions and would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who is planning or has an on-line business. Thanks for giving me your best!!!”

Telesis Animal Health utilizes SiteSolutions.Com 1) Monthly Search Engine/Monitoring Service 2) Yahoo & Google PPC Programs 3) SEO Services.
Telesis Animal Health
Equiderma Products For Treatment of Horse Fungus, Horse, Dog, & Cat Skin Conditions

Baneberry Golf & Resort - Tennessee Golf Resort
“I returned from Louisville last night (where we had a booth for exhibiting Baneberry), and this morning did a simple search in Google for “Tennessee Golf Resort”. Our Baneberry site came up near the top of the first page, which surprised me since I thought it might take more time to work into the system.”

Thanks for taking care of this,

Karl Kammann – Baneberry Golf & Resort

Mullberry Folk Art - an increase in traffic and internet sales
“Just wanted to thank you for an instant increase in sales that occurred as a result of my Site Solutions submission. I immediately noticed an increase in traffic and internet sales on my site after signing up for your program, and would highly recommend it to any company that wants to see a substantial boost in sales. Thank you!”
L. S.
Mullberry Folk Art
Slice of Paradise Cabanas - Yucatan SliceofParadise.com
“When I agreed to handle the internet reservations site for a resort down in the Yucatan SliceofParadise.com, I knew that it would be important for people to find my site. I purchased a $400 (software) program that promised to enable me to submit to search engines myself. After about 90 days I realized I was only getting junk e-mail – not people interested in renting a beach front cabana. I was so frustrated! A friend told me about a website evaluation at SiteSolutions.Com. After running the free evaluation, I was stunned at how bad my site really was at letting people find me. I sent up an SOS and SiteSolutions.Com walked me through the minor changes I needed to make.”

“I was so impressed that I signed up for their service. Now the leads are rolling in, the calendar is full of bookings and the owners of the resort think I am a genius!

Tirey B. Counts – Slice of Paradise Cabanas

Engineering Design Team - you have more than met my expectations
“Thank you so much for contacting me about our renewal. I have been so pleased with your service and the results I am seeing, that I thought I should let you know. When I signed on a year ago, I was skeptical; but you have more than met my expectations. EDT’s website is the backbone of our business- providing access to our product information, sales and technical support. We needed to ensure that anyone with access to the internet would have the best possible chance of being directed to our website, using a variety of search engines and search criteria. To help monitor this, we included on our contact page, the question “How did you hear about EDT ?”.

Next to “customer referrals”, the answer most often given has overwhelmingly been “web searches”.

“I could not have asked for a better response. Thank you for a job well done and we look forward to a continuing relationship.”

Kathryn Smith – Sales/Marketing
Engineering Design Team

Information Systems ...the quality of service that SiteSolutions.Com
“I highly recommend SiteSolutions.Com. After using there internet services for over 3 yrs, I’m still amazed at the quality of service that SiteSolutions.Com and Steve Lochmiller provide for my company. Whenever I’ve had to call or email SiteSolutions.Com for changes to my criteria, etc, I’ve had immediate attention to the matter. Hits on our website continually increase, thanks to the monthly submissions to the search engines. Wish every company I deal with was as professional and efficient.”

Ed Hoey – Director, Information Systems

The Greenfield Inn - we doubled and almost tripled our hits
“We have been a subscriber to a service that analyzes the hits to our website.”

“The day after we received confirmation from you that you had submitted our website to search engines, directories and indices we got a ‘Niagara’ of hits! In fact, we doubled and almost tripled our hits. And since then we have a pattern of hits that has doubled the number of hit we averaged for the same period last year. For this little country inn you have developed sales for us we never expected to get.”

Vic Mangini – Innkeeper, The Greenfield Inn

SCS Collectibles - You provide an excellent value to companies doing business on the web
“Yes, it’s true, you submitted my web site, www.tagpreservers.com, through your search engine. We are a company which sells beanie baby accessories such as tag preservers, acrylic boxes, and other such products via the internet. As you know, the web has recently become synonymous with the beanie baby phenomena, with people paying several thousand dollars for “hot” and “hard to find” beanies.

We have typically attracted a couple of hundred people a day to our site to look at our products. We have always relied on putting up costly banners on sites and currently display our banner on over 100 different sites and home pages. Once I started looking at how much we pay for these banner placements, that’s when I decided to respond to one of those search engine campaigns.

I signed up for service and much to my surprise, my number of hits actually jumped by more than 50% afterwards, attracting several hundred more hits per day than before. I was actually shocked as, to be honest, I thought your services were some kind of promise the world scams. I stand corrected and will continue to use your services in the future. You provide an excellent value to companies doing business on the web.”

Thank you again.
Howie Greenspan – President
SCS Collectibles

Multi-Craft Plastics - Our leads were all because of our exposure over the internet
“I’ll tell you what the most amazing thing that has occurred in my opinion is that within the last few months, we’ve sent out orders to Guam, Ireland, Hawaii several times, South Dakota, Hong Kong, and others. These leads were all because of our exposure over the internet.

Thank you and we look forward to more business in the future.”

Multi-Craft Plastics

CASTINGS, A Div. of REB toys, Inc. - You are the profitable part of our business
“Based on the satisfaction of our first contact with your firm we signed up to have you submit our web site to the various search engines. Prior to doing this we had difficulty obtaining search engine listings and consequently we received little response to our web site.

In a matter of several weeks we began receiving product inquires, catalog requests, and even orders on a daily basis. I can’t say we are being overwhelmed but each week the email traffic has improved to where it has become a profitable part of our business.

One other thing I appreciate is the responses we receive from search engines indicating our web site has been submitted for listing. This indicates to me you have not forgotten us.”

Bob Blanc -CASTINGS, A Div. of REB toys, Inc.


Tab-Image-2Sitesolutions.Com was established just 3 months after Yahoo & is one of the first & longest lasting SEO companies online today
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betterlogoTab-Image-5aOur Customer Care team is one of the highest rated in the nation. With an A+ rating with the BBB, US based, available by phone or e-mail & open M-F 8-5pm PST

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