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The Organic Solutions – Formula for Success

What’s Organic Solutions?

Google Page One • Unlimited Keywords • Month-To-Month

This is a powerful, proven, month-to-month program that quickly increases your website’s exposure and sales opportunities by placing it in Google’s Page-One search results for an “Unlimited Number” of Keywords & Key-Phrases that must match “What-You-Do-or-Sell,” and if local, “Where-You-Do-It.” All for one small flat monthly fee. You can quit at any time by giving us a 30-day notice. Fantastic Results & Excellent ROI is why over 2 million users have used our services since 1995.

Unlimited Keywords

Unlimited really does mean “Unlimited.” Our SEO Experts get your website listed in Google’s Page One search results for an unlimited number of quality keywords and key phrases. These keywords must match what you sell or do and, if you’re a locally based vendor, we’ll include the cities in your target market. (Our average client has several hundred page one keywords and key phrases.

Flat Monthly Fee

One small flat-monthly-fee pays for everything – Includes Unlimited Google Page-One Keywords plus, it also includes our powerful Reputation Marketing Program providing an unlimited number of 4 & 5-Star Reviews. (Click here for an overview of our Reputation Marketing program).

How Does It Work?

This is achieved through a combination of on-site & off-site programming; including Meta tags, Content, Back Links, Proactive Submissions & more… All Google Approved Techniques.

“We’ve been working with SiteSolutions.Com for over 20 years, since 1997, and it has proven to be the best Marketing decision we’ve ever made. Recently we added their Reputation Marketing Services and within a few short weeks, we noticed a substantial spike in both website visitors, incoming sales calls and in actual sales made. I shall continue to recommend SiteSolutions to anyone with an online business.”

Russ Godfrey

President, Temco

Why My Sales Increased 30% In 30 Days
Russ Godfrey, President, TEMCO Inc.

Baseline Reporting –

baseline-2Baseline reporting is the process of creating a baseline or starting place for your SEO Formula for Success. This stage is a compilation of several different reports that will help you select keywords, take note of necessary programming changes, check your current keywords for SEO strength and clue you in on what your competitors are doing.
Included Reports:

  • High Value Keyword Research Report & Analysis
  • Comprehensive Website Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis

Website Analysis –

Analyics-2An extensive Analysis of your current website will be performed by SiteSolutions.Com’s SEO Experts.

During the Analysis your SEO Advisor will be reviewing your website’s programming, page content, Meta tags and download time.

All necessary changes will be noted and updated by our professionals here at SiteSolutions.Com

High-Value Keyword Research Report and Analysis –

Keyword-2bOur SEO Research Specialists work directly with Google to gather statistical data regarding historical and projected keyword traffic patterns relating to your products, services, and industry.  We’ll analyze each keywords historical traffic patterns month-over-month covering the past 12 months. This important step allows us to make certain we are working with keywords with proven track records for traffic. We Never Guess. Our SEO Research Specialists conduct all of this work for you so you can stay focused on running your business and not have to worry about research.

Onsite Optimization –

Onsite-2Through our comprehensive Website Analysis, SiteSolutions.Com identifies elements that are currently helping your visibility in the search engines and which are hindering your goals at SEO success.

SiteSolutions.Com will provide Google-Approved recommendations on your website’s title tags, description meta tags, SEO rich content, Alt tags, Head tags and other high impacting variables. These areas are critically important in providing a “Google-Approved” positive influence to Google’s Algorithm (formula) for page one placement for your site for your important keywords and key phrases. After review, our team of SEO Programmers will perform the actual installation of the above items or modifications. (up to 5 pages)

Analytics –

Analysis-2You’ll love the time you save and the huge increase in data comprehension you’ll have using our Analytics Reporting Solutions. As part of your On-Site Optimization and Performance Monitoring we install custom programming analytics coding in your website and 2) tie our data systems into up to 14 of your existing Social Sites (see below). We then pull all of the data from these divergent sources and compile it into one, comprehensive, easy-to-read report. You’ll love how easy it is to read as we compile your data into a common look and feel layout from each source. Data was never easier to read and comprehend.

Reporting Locations

You will be provided with over 50 different areas of information, including geographic location, the keyword used, time at site, entrance and exit pages, likes, subscribes, posts, etc.


Offsite Optimization –

Offsite-2Currently search engines consider back-linking to be one of the most influential portions of SEO success. Your back link portfolio is the entire scope of websites that are currently linking to your site directly. This does not include link exchanges.


What is a backlink? –

backlink-2Backlinks is one of the major influences on your authority score.

The more of an authority you are considered in your industry, the higher your Google rankings.

The Importance of Quality Backlinks

Backlink-important-2If your site’s backlink portfolio is filled with sites that are spam ridden, loaded with questionable or irrelevant content, then don’t expect this to help with your rankings. Search Engines are looking for quality backlinks from relevant websites. At Sitesolutions.Com we strive to create the most natural backlink portfolios focusing on relevant sites with relevant content.


Monthly Submissions –

Submissions-2As part of the back bone of Organic Solutions you will receive Monthly submissions to over various Search Engines and Directories.

In addition to supporting your backlinking, monthly submissions also help maintain your inclusion in the major search engines.

Strong Foundations:

The base of our proven High Ranking Google success is consistency. It has never been enough to just build a website and sit and hope the search engines find you. You can’t afford that type of “wait-and-see” attitude. In today’s market, you must be pro-active and agressive.

Just look at what Google says about websites falling out of search engines!

Foundations-2“While we’re always working to include more content in Google, sites can occasionally fall out of our search results. Our spiders regularly crawl the web to rebuild our index, but keeping tabs on billions of pages is tough work, and we may miss a few.”

That is why SiteSolutions.Com goes straight to the source at Google, Bing, and Yahoo providing these search giants your information to be listed on a monthly basis or more often if needed.

Organic Solutions submits to Google, Bing, and Yahoo while also including backlinks from search engines, directories and other sites around the world.

How Do Backlinks Help My Ranking:

Rank-2Did you know that the more quality backlinks you have to your website the more Google considers you an authority in your industry, and because of this, Google will rank you higher than those with little or no links?

It’s true! SiteSolutions.Com provides you with backlinks from directories, search engines, and other locations. These links are maintained monthly, causing a direct benefit to your Google ranking.

Also, with Organic Solutions you also receive the benefit of A.R.T. ™(Auto Replacement Technology) This technology checks the search engines and directories every day, if you are not listed for any reason, A.R.T. ™ automatically resubmits your data.

Campaign Management & Measurement

Management-2Sitesolutions.Com never hides behind our e-mail address like the others do. We prefer calls as so much more can be accomplished in less time with a call versus back-n-forth emails.

We answer our phones directly from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm PST Mon – Fri (877) 855-2003.

As a SiteSolutions.Com Organic Solutions client, you will be assigned a team of SEO professionals.

This extensive reporting system displays your data both numerically and graphically, all in one complete package. This includes all Organic traffic such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, plus any established Pay-Per-Click accounts. You may also optionally add additional Data Sources such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and up to 20 more. Why is this important? This service allows you to obtain a very clear, comprehensive and easy-to-read view into all of your sources of Internet Activity. Without this valuable service, you have to review numerous reports from your various vendors all who report using various reporting styles. A Genuine-Time-Saver.

Basic Package Contains Traffic From Organic sources Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. , PPC (Pay-Per-Click If Applicable),  plus up to 4 Social Sites e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. If you have any of the following, we can track it.

With your SEO Advisor starting you off on the right foot in building the perfect Organic Solutions service level for your needs, and your Personal Account Liasion (P.A.L) heading up your team of programmers, analytics gurus and other SEO experts, you are sure to be on your way to higher rankings within the next 90 days.

Tab-Image-2Sitesolutions.Com was established just 3 months after Yahoo & is one of the first & longest lasting SEO companies online today
Tab-Image-3b-2SiteSolutions.Com has a 23+ year history in the web & SEO business with a proven track Record of  Results in Google.Com
Tab-Image-3aSiteSolutions.Com is one of the only “reach by phone” SEO companies today. We do not hide behind an e-mail address. We are here for you & a reliable contact for your needs
Tab-Image-4aNo one shows more proof of placement successes in than SiteSolutions.Com. PERIOD.
betterlogoTab-Image-5aOur Customer Care team is one of the highest rated in the nation. With an A+ rating with the BBB, US based, available by phone or e-mail & open M-F 8-5pm PST


IMAGINE. Being Found On Page One - Simply, Easily

Start your journey to opportunity today! Contact and SEO Advisor at Service@SiteSolutions-Mail.Com or call (916) 740-1198 M-F 8 am – 4:30 pm

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