Website Reputation Widget Examples

(Install this special coding to cause your most recent reviews to appear on our website, blog etc. all automatically. Install once and never have to touch it again.)

What Are Widgets?

Widgets are specialized pieces of computer coding custom created by our team of programmers specifically for use within your website. You can have one or more in your website and one or more on any page. You get to decide how many and where to have them installed by your programmer. Your Reputation Solutions package includes a certain amount of widgets. If you need additional widgets, please contact your SiteSolutions Representative who can provide pricing and take your order.

What Is Their Purpose?

Wherever your programmer installs our widgets, we will display one or more of your 4 & 5-Star Reviews for your website visitors to see. You can elect to show Text Reviews (, Video Reviews or a combination of them.

What Do Widgets Include / Show?

There are several options which can be used to set how they will appear in your website. For example, you get to determine the:

  • Height and Width of the displayed information
  • Whether the widget shows Text Reviews*, Video Reviews or Both.  *There are two kinds of text reviews; 1) Feedback obtained using a Custom Feedback Form included with your package and 2) Online Reviews which we obtain from sources like Yelp, Facebook, Google+, Bing, Yellow-Pages etc.
  • How many reviews to be shown in each widget.
  • Whether or not the widget also allows your website visitor to leave a review online right at that time (Optional Instant Review Button.)

What Do They Look Like?

The look of your widget depends on what you want to include in the widget and how large of an area do you wish the widget to appear. The Text Reviews can be in a column from 1 to 100 in length. The video widgets can contain 1 to 3 videos stacked one on top of the other. You can place widgets side-by-side, or one above the other. There are several examples shown below to give you an idea of what can be done.

Note 1) Text reviews are automatically and remotely updated by us and shall include the most recent review at the top of any other reviews in a list.  remoThe following widget example shows ONE Text Review gathered by one of your Custom Feedback Forms. Note: You can show from 1 – 100 reviews in one

Note 2) Videos are manually placed in the widget by us. They do not automatically update to the latest video. Updating a video widget is optional. Please contact your SiteSolutions representative to obtain pricing.

We Can Control How The Widgets Appear – Standard Or Customized

  • Width: How wide you want each column to be. They can be skinny or very wide. (Videos in very thin columns are launched in Youtube. Videos in medium to wide columns or locations will launch where you see it on the page.)
  • Review Button: Whether or not you want the optional “REVIEW” button to show at the top of the column. If clicked on, a person will be taken to your Custom Feedback Form where they can leave their own review online.
  • Text Reviews: You can select how many “text-based reviews” appear within one widget; From 1 to 100. Note: There are two types of text-based reviews: Online Reviews e.g. Yelp, Google, Facebook etc., and Feedback Reviews from your custom feedback form.
  • 5-Star Video Reviews: You can choose to display from 0, 1, 2, up to 3 Videos in any one widget. They will always appear at the top of any widget above any type of Text reviews. These are exclusively 5-Star-Review videos that we produce, SEO, and Syndicate for you. Each 5-Star Review showcases ONE of the testimonials you have received from your customers. Max 600 Letters and Spaces. Better if they are closer to 550 to afford a little border spacing.
  • Important Notes: 1) Widgets Are Automatically Updated: Your programmer only needs to install the widget one time. After that, they never have to make any changes or modifications as we control the widget’s contents remotely from our office in California. We update your widgets whenever we find new reviews & testimonials. Why update them? It’s because it is very important to show the public a “Large Number” of “Fresh Reviews” – The More The Better, The Most Recent Written The Better. NOTE: Research has proven that over 70% of the viewing public give no Reputation Value to reviews that are older than 3 months. 2) Each Column can have its own settings. For example, you can have one widget with 1 video and 1 text review. Then another widget with 3 videos and 15 text reviews. The number of reviews & videos displayed within any widget is determined by you. Just let us know what configuration you want and we’ll create the custom widget for your programmer to install. 3) There can only be one type of text review in a single widget; e.g. all Online Reviews or all Feedback Form Reviews, but never a mixture of the two in one column.

Note: DUPLICATE WIDGET CONTENT – All Text Reviews show the most recent review at the top of the widgets lists of reviews. Therefore, two widgets showing any type of text reviews will have identical content within the text review area. Therefore, if you wish to have TWO TEXT REVIEW widgets on the same page, then you should install 1-Online Review Widget and 1-Feedback Form Review Widget. This way, you can have variations in the actual reviews shown.

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